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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

My intense love for candy, cakes, and everything in between started as a child. I simply couldn't go one day without something sweet to eat. But my love for all things sweet took a toll on my teeth. My dentist diagnosed me with seven cavities, each one a different size and depth. After sitting through four long dental appointments, I decided to make a change. I now monitor my diet and only eat things that benefit my oral health. I'm here to help you take better care of your teeth. My blog offers tips on how to improve your diet, maintain good oral hygiene, and many other topics. Hopefully, you can learn to overcome your bad habits just as I did. Good luck with your future dental health.


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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

    3 Common Causes Of Gum Disease

    Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, affects people of different ages, with older people being the most susceptible. Unfortunately, some people may not be mindful or conscientious about their dental health until they experience toothaches or see their gums bleeding, as such symptoms serve as a wake-up call.  Even so, it is possible to prevent gum disease, primarily by seeing your dental practitioner for regular checkups. However, you first need to know the causes of gum disease in order to avoid exposing yourself.

    Have You Had Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? Here Are 4 Important Tips For Speedy Recovery

    Most people will need to remove wisdom teeth at a certain point and when such a time comes, ensure that you plan for recovery. After the surgery, there are many things you can do to ensure a speedy recovery. Understand that the time it takes to recover varies, with some people experiencing minor discomfort while others have swelling and bruising. Check out what you should do to promote a quick recovery.

    Lost A Tooth? Don't Panic—Take Action Instead

    Although your teeth are made of some very hard materials, your gums are not. That means a quick blow while playing sports could knock out a tooth. A lost tooth does not necessarily mean you will sport a gap in your smile, though, because there is much you can do to save the tooth so that it can be reinserted. Follow the below instructions and be a tooth-saver. Locate the Tooth—Try to find the tooth.

    3 Common Types Of Dental Sedation

    Many Americans struggle with anxiety regarding the dentist. Luckily, more and more dentists are offering sedation services to help patients relax. There are multiple types of sedation, and you and your dentist will determine which is best for you. If you would like to know more, check out these three common types of oral sedation.  1. Inhalation Sedation Inhalation sedation typically uses nitrous oxide. This gas relaxes your body by slowing down your brain and responses, which also reduces anxiety and stress.

    4 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are A Popular Teeth Loss Solution

    Naturally, human beings strive to find sustainable solutions to improve their quality of life. Before implants, dentures were probably the most preferred tooth replacement options. However, they presented a few drawbacks, including bone loss, becoming loose, and further tooth loss. Dentists went back to the drawing board and came up with a better solution: dental implants. They have since been growing in popularity thanks to the numerous benefits they offer. The following are reasons why many people choose dental implants.

    Does Invisalign Fix A Snaggletooth?

    If you have been living with a snaggletooth for much of your life, it may be something that you want to fix soon. While you may love most things about your teeth, and they may not hurt at all, your snaggletooth might be something that distracts you when you look in the mirror. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to change this. Invisalign can fix a snaggletooth in many cases.

    What Are The Advantages Of Same Day Crowns?

    When your teeth chip, crack, or decay, you can protect them against further damage by installing dental crowns. Before dental crown installation, the dentist prepares your tooth by filing it or treating the decay using procedures such as a root canal. Then, the dentist cements the crown on your tooth using an adhesive. Usually, traditional crowns take several weeks before they're ready for installation. Therefore, consider getting same-day crowns. So, what are the benefits of same-day dental crowns?

    Causes And Treatments For Sensitive Teeth

    Dental sensitivity can be uncomfortable. If you suffer from a sensitivity condition, you may feel discomfort or pain when you drink or eat something that is cold or hot. Additionally, the bite pressure associated with chewing hard foods may be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, there are dental applications that can help treat dental sensitivity, depending on the cause of the condition. Here are a few causes of sensitive teeth and how they can be treated.