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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

My intense love for candy, cakes, and everything in between started as a child. I simply couldn't go one day without something sweet to eat. But my love for all things sweet took a toll on my teeth. My dentist diagnosed me with seven cavities, each one a different size and depth. After sitting through four long dental appointments, I decided to make a change. I now monitor my diet and only eat things that benefit my oral health. I'm here to help you take better care of your teeth. My blog offers tips on how to improve your diet, maintain good oral hygiene, and many other topics. Hopefully, you can learn to overcome your bad habits just as I did. Good luck with your future dental health.


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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

4 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are A Popular Teeth Loss Solution

by Eric Bailey

Naturally, human beings strive to find sustainable solutions to improve their quality of life. Before implants, dentures were probably the most preferred tooth replacement options. However, they presented a few drawbacks, including bone loss, becoming loose, and further tooth loss. Dentists went back to the drawing board and came up with a better solution: dental implants. They have since been growing in popularity thanks to the numerous benefits they offer. The following are reasons why many people choose dental implants.

1. Prevent Jawbone Deterioration

Dental roots are known to stimulate the jaw bone to maintain its density. When you lose a tooth, you create a gap, and your body will deprive the jawbone sitting underneath its nutrients and make it slowly lose its density.

If left untreated, resorption spreads to adjacent bones supporting other teeth. In some cases, the adjacent teeth might start to fall out too. Implants cause bone stimulation since they are fused to the mandible, like tooth roots.

2. Improve Speech And Eating Habits

Patients with dental gaps usually have altered speech and eating habits. Although dentures work for most people, they might become loose and make it hard to chew food or talk. Dentures might easily slip out when talking and eating, which can be embarrassing.

Consult with a reliable dentist if you need a more permanent solution to support your eating habits and speech capabilities. Dental implants are securely planted in the jawbone to prevent them from altering your speech and eating habits. You will be more confident with implants.

3. Boost Your Self-Esteem

Lost teeth can dent your self-esteem, especially when in public settings. The unsightly gaps could make you lose your self-confidence. If you cannot smile in public because you feel the missing teeth make you less attractive, it is time to go for implants.

Dental implants allow you to enjoy quality teeth that epitomize natural ones. You will be confident in your new replacements and even restore your smile.

4. Prevent Cavities

Teeth remain susceptible to cavities. Other teeth shift out of alignment when you lose a tooth and create hidden sections. Unfortunately, the hidden spot creates a favorable environment for plaque and bacteria to build up and cause decay. Implants prevent cavities by maintaining proper tooth alignment. They are made from porcelain and ceramic materials that do not decay.

As shown above, implants provide a ton of long-term and outstanding benefits. If you want to improve your oral health, start early to prevent problems down the road. Schedule an appointment with a reputable dental office near you for more details.