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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

How To Prepare For A Dental Implant Procedure: 3 Important Tips To Consider

by Eric Bailey

A dental implant procedure is a thorough process that takes several medical procedures, which can take several months. These medical procedures include mouth surgeries that demand adequate preparation if you intend to have a seamless dental implant process. The preparation steps you take will help you get ready for the whole procedure or help you recover quickly after the procedure.

The following are three important preparation tips you should consider when going for a dental implant procedure.

Be Ready for a Dental Examination

Dental implants are not always the final recommendation for every patient who has missing teeth. Your dentist will need to determine whether your case qualifies for a dental implant through an initial medical examination. Moreover, the examination is also a crucial source of valuable information that the doctor needs for an accurate dental implant treatment plan. 

The actual dental examination should include a visual examination of your oral structure, some X-rays, and a thorough review of your medical records. From the information your dentist gathers, they can schedule treatment plans considering your special medical needs. Your dentist will explain every step of the plan to make you understand what to expect throughout the period. 

Prepare Your Jawbone 

The jawbone is the center of focus for the entire dental implantation procedure. If you're having a weak jawbone that's either too soft or too thin to support the dental implant, you'll need to have it prepared for the dental implant procedure. Your dentist should first prepare your jawbone for a bone grafting procedure to boost its strength and ability to support the dental implant. 

The dentist can use a synthetic bone graft or a bone taken from another part of your body for the grafting process. The grafting process is essential as it helps to rebuild the affected area of your jawbone and gives it the adequate strength it needs to support the implant for chewing. However, if you're going for a bone grafting, you will have to wait for a few months before your implant is installed. 

Adhere to the Pre-Op Instructions

Mainly, your dentist presents a list of instructions you should follow a few hours before the dental implant surgery. Sticking to these instructions will help you avoid complications during and after the procedure. Some of these instructions include:

  • Eat a healthy meal before the surgery.
  • Have maximum rest the weeks following your surgery.
  • Open up to your dentist and let them know if you have any challenges like fear before undergoing the procedure.

The instructions might vary depending on your specific medical requirements and the dentist attending to you.