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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

Here Are The Tools And Materials To Take Care Of Your Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment

by Eric Bailey

If your teeth are undergoing orthodontic treatment, it will face many risks and threats before the treatment period is over. The risks include accidental blows to the mouth, dental hygiene difficulties, and malfunctioning orthodontics. Here are the tools and materials you need to take care of your teeth when they have braces:

Orthodontic Wax

After you have been fitted with the braces, you will feel some discomfort for the first few weeks while you get used to them. The discomfort arises because the brackets rub against the lining of your mouth, lips, and tongue. Even after you have gotten used to the braces, you may experience some discomfort or irritations if the braces become maladjusted or the wires loosen and poke your teeth.

Using orthodontic wax is a good way to prevent the discomfort and irritation. The wax covers the relevant surfaces of your mouth and reduces the friction between them and the orthodontic materials.

Mouth Guard

If you live a super active lifestyle, for example, if you play contact sports, then you also need a way to protect your teeth and braces while playing. Get a mouth guard you can use during playing to reduce the effect of physical blows on your teeth. Without a mouth guard, an accidental blow may damage your orthodontics and delay your alignment.

Electric Toothbrush

Dental hygiene is important during orthodontic treatment because the braces trap bacteria and bits of food in the mouth while also making it difficult to clean some teeth surfaces. This means brushing the teeth is not as easier with braces as it is without them; it also takes a longer time. Get an electric toothbrush to make the whole process easier and more efficient.

Interproximal Toothbrush

An interproximal toothbrush is designed for cleaning the crooks and nooks between your teeth. These areas are ordinarily difficult to clean without braces; they are even more difficult to clean if the mouth is crowded with braces. An interproximal toothbrush has a smaller-than-average toothbrush that is also angled in a manner that allows it to reach the spaces between teeth.

Special Flossing Materials and Tools

Lastly, your regular floss may not be very effective after you get braces on your teeth. You need special flossing materials and tools, such as soft picks, which are designed to fit between the tight spaces created by orthodontic tools. Or you can opt for water or air picks that don't require traditional floss and can fit through the tiniest places.

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