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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

3 Reasons to Get a Cracked Filling Pulled

by Eric Bailey

Having a filling crack can be a disappointing experience. Though many fillings will last, some fillings will need to be completed again or they can cause issues inside of your mouth. If you have a filling on a tooth that has cracked, you may be experiencing some pain and discomfort due to the chip in the tooth. A crack inside of a filling can allow the tooth to root underneath the filling or possibly become infected.

For this reason, you will need to head to a clinic that handles dental emergencies. At the dental office, you will be presented with a number of treatment options including a root canal or extraction. Here are three reasons why a tooth extraction may be best. 

Root canals have a failure rate

Although many root canals will go fine, it is possible for a root canal to fail. This could happen because the tooth was not completely cleared of the infection. Other issues can also go wrong with a root canal during the healing phase. If something goes wrong with the root canal, you could find yourself in need of a second root canal and dental pain. With extraction, a tooth that was already a problem will be pulled. 

An implant can last a lifetime

If you get a tooth pulled, it is always a good idea to get a bridge or an implant for the tooth. Implants are some of the longest lasting dental work that you can receive. A dental implant will be drilled into your mouth with the usage of a screw, and a tooth will be attached to the top of the tooth.

Implants can outlast your natural teeth, especially if your teeth are prone to rotting or if you are getting older and finding yourself losing some of your teeth. An extraction and an implant can solve any future tooth problems. 

You can save your gums in a cheap way

If you need to wait to have a root canal, especially due to your insurance or out of pocket costs, you could be causing further decay in your mouth. A tooth extraction is often cheap and easy. Though teeth are replaceable, you will not be able to replace your gums if you begin to have issues with your mouth tissue. Saving your gums may come down to needing to sacrifice a problem tooth. With a tooth extraction on a cracked filling, you get rid of the tooth that is causing health and dental problems. 

To learn more about how to deal with a cracked tooth or other dental emergencies, contact clinics like Copley Dental Associates.