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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

My intense love for candy, cakes, and everything in between started as a child. I simply couldn't go one day without something sweet to eat. But my love for all things sweet took a toll on my teeth. My dentist diagnosed me with seven cavities, each one a different size and depth. After sitting through four long dental appointments, I decided to make a change. I now monitor my diet and only eat things that benefit my oral health. I'm here to help you take better care of your teeth. My blog offers tips on how to improve your diet, maintain good oral hygiene, and many other topics. Hopefully, you can learn to overcome your bad habits just as I did. Good luck with your future dental health.


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Dental Health and Food: Learning to Eat Better

4 Ways To Help Your Kids Look Forward To Their First Dental Cleaning

by Eric Bailey

Face it. Not everyone looks forward to their twice-yearly dental cleaning. However, going for regular dental cleaning and check-ups can be one of the best decisions that you make for yourself. When you go to prepare your children for their first dental cleaning, be sure you present it as the fun adventure it is. It's an opportunity for them to stay healthy and protect their dental health. Here are four ways to help your children look forward to that first dental cleaning.

Have Ongoing Discussions About the Cleaning Experience

Let your children know about the teeth cleaning appointment a week or so before they are scheduled to have it. Present it as a new opportunity for keeping their teeth healthy. You may want to talk about how a dentist has similarities to a superhero. Use the metaphor to explain how a dentist goes after plaque and tooth decay like a superhero goes after the bad guys.

Act Out the Dental Cleaning Appointment

Roleplaying can be an important part of development. Take turns acting out the part of the dentist and the patient. Walk your children through the entire appointment, so that they know what to expect. Acting out the dental cleaning appointment can help your child realize that a dental cleaning isn't scary, and playing the part of the dentist can give them a greater understanding of how the dentist is their ally.

Plan a Fun Celebration for After the Cleaning

Plan something fun to do with your kids, and arrange it for after the dental cleaning. It should be something that is flexible in case your children don't feel like doing it after the cleaning, and it should be something that doesn't involve food since your kids' mouths may be numb at first. Keep it simple, but make sure it is something that your children will anticipate.

Read Stories About Kids Who Dared to Care for Their Teeth

There are dozens of children's books on the topic of dental care. Perhaps they were written by parents who were trying to encourage healthy dental habits in their little one. Whatever the case may be, they can help your child be excited about taking new steps to care for their teeth. Some books you may want to pick up include "The Tooth Book" by Dr. Seuss, "Brush Your Teeth Please" by Leslie McGuire, and "Melvin the Magnificent Molar" by Julia Cook and Laura Jana.

Finally, keep in mind that you will set the tone for how your child perceives their first dental cleaning. By presenting it as a positive milestone in your child's life, you can help them see it as the positive thing that it is. A dental cleaning has an important role to play in protecting the dental health of your child, so the more they embrace it, the easier the experience will be on you and your little one. For more information, contact a dental clinic like Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.